10 days after my surgery

Hi Dick,

I know it’s fairly early, I’m just dreaming at this point! I don’t mind if I have to stay on anti seizure medication, but I would LOVE for my neurologist to one day say “let’s set you off the seizure meds”, I’ll might cry like I did when my neurosurgeon can in and said that my AVM is completely gone.

That sounds freezing! I hope you are keeping warm. We are currently under a Tsunami warning here in Hawai!

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(It is freezing)

The 57°C was pretty good. Spring had sprung. We’ve gone backwards this week.

I hope your neuro says that to you one day, too, but I do think it’s really early.

Ask, though! Hoping for no tsunami :grimacing:

I know exactly what you mean. cried in the hospital bed like a baby when they told me I wouldn’t need another embolization! 30 degrees here and it feels like springtime :sweat_smile:

Stay strong! It’s a slow process but take whatever God gives you! :smiley:

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Hi Jack,

The relief is overwhelming! I honestly couple not express it in words, even almost 4 weeks out of the hospital.


Hi Dick,

I keep reminding myself that it was a resent and that I will continue to have good and bad days. Keeping my fingered crossed for the future!

I’m trying to stay positive since I find that it leaps me get through some of the different days.


Hi everyone,

It’s been 4 weeks since I was released from the hospital and 5 weeks since my craniotomy. I met with my neurosurgeon on Monday and he is very happy with how I am doing post surgery! Like all of you, he pointed out that I need to listen to my body in order to ensure that I continue to do well. I will be meeting will him in 6 months for another angiogram, then a year for an MRA.

My neurologist is also incredibly happy with my health. We are going to start lowering my gabapentin from 600 to 300, if I still don’t have any headaches after 3 months I may no longer have to take it! She did mention I will have to be on my anti seizure meds for 2 years since I had 4 seizures in the course of 2 months. I really don’t mind though.

But year! This is where I am 5 months after my craniotomy. Here’s to slowly getting better!


This is what it is about! That all sounds great!

I always like to say “Well done you!” even if it is the doctor I should perhaps be saying that to.

Well done you! Keep up the great work!



‘Late Lisa’ here! Ctta…Sound like you are in a great recovery, so far!! Continue on the FIGHT!!!

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I’d be curious how your reading and writing is since the surgery. Did you have a left temporal lobe avm?

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Hi Mike,

My spelling and reading has gotten better! It took a couple of months as well as some practice (board games really helped). My AVM was in my left temporal lobe, however my drs did a specialized MRI to map by brain and found my language areas to be in my right temporal lobe, so I’m not sure if I would have had the same results if my language center was on my left.