10 days after my surgery

Hi everyone,

I am at home recovering from my surgery. I had my surgery out in Hawai, it was done at Queens Medical by Dr. Pancykowski and his team. My post surgery care is by both Dr. Pancykowski and Dr. Rubzinski, my neurologis. We are hoping that my seizures are gone but it will take some time.

I highly recommend these doctors. They were concerned about not just the outcome of my surgery but also my care after. So far I have no issues with my vision and speech. My only issue so part is reading and spelling. I am very excited for my life post surgery. I am so grateful for the doctors as well as all of you who undertook what I was going through.

I will keep you all updated on my recover.



Sounds really good! Ten days is very soon after surgery, so there is lots of getting better to do yet. So please tell us about how you get on because it is helpful for others to see how you get on: the times when you’re making progress as well as the times when you’re not.

Super news for St Valentine’s Day! (I always consider St. Valentine’s Day to be a pivotal moment in the winter as it’s the first day of the weather getting warmer each year – in the northern hemisphere).

Strength to you as you get better!



Great to hear Caroline, it sounds like you’re doing very well this soon after. Take Care and take your time! John

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For ten days after, sounds like you’re doing well - mentally & physically

Plus, it will get better with time

Great to hear, considering we’re talking about brain surgery

Glad to hear you’re doing well! I am currently five days past an unsuccessful venous embolization. Which surgery did you have?

Hi Richard,

I will keep everyone updated on how I am feeling. So make I’m doing alright. I just can’t believe that I had a craniotomy on Feb 3 and I am at home right now.

My doctor thought my surgery would be 6 hours, but because of the size of my avm and it’s location, it turned into a 10 surgery.

I am lucky, no pain at the site, I can speak and see, I am just having a little issue remembering how to spell.


Hi John,

Thank you, my husband and I are keep saying we can only go up from here

Hi Mike,

We honestly can’t believe I am at home walking around and talking right know. We though I would be in the hospital for a longer period of time. So part my doctor is happy with my progress, I will be meeting with him in a could of weeks to look at my stitches.

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Hi Hermione711,

I am sorry your surgery didn’t work. Keep fighting!

I had a embolization with a craniotomy the next day. My avm was very large and complete so they had to keep me sedated for 3 days.

You’re walking?!

Wow - just wow!

Some of us just having amazing luck - some aren’t as fortunate

Hi Mike,

I think it is a might of luck and a great doctor. Dr P. (I’m really bad at spelling his full last name) and his team were amazing.


Who u telling’ - Lol

The surgeons that do this work are as close to hand of god as you can get

Same with mine - my surgeon was considered to be one of the top neurosurgeons specializing in AVM Embolizations

  • luck, I had about 3-5% chance of complete obliteration on first procedure < this is what his assisting neuro said to me - be hopeful, but be realistic. . . On my follow up angiogram, I really didn’t think I’d be going home that day - since a 2nd possible procedure was more than likely
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Hello Caroline (Cttardibone),

I am so glad to hear that you are at home on the mend. Ten days is indeed very soon after your surgery, I am sending the best wishes to you on your recovery journey and hope your spelling and reading continue to improve.


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Hi Mike,

After this experience I completely agree with you. My surgeon was amazing!

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Hi Carson,

Thank you so much for the kind words, I am working on my spelling and reading. However, I know I have to be kind to myself. As you said it has been less than a month since my surgery.


Hi and well done. The only thing i would say is don’t rush things and be kind to yourself. Hopefully the seizures are gone and you can get on with this beautiful thing we call life


Hi Andyhulme,

I am being kind to myself! My husband also reminds me that allowed to have difficult days.

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@CarolineT Congratulations! Hawaii must’ve been beautiful! It’s cold up here in New York :sweat_smile:

You had major surgery, patience! You are only going to continue to get better.

Best wishes,

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Hi Jack,

It’s been nice healing in Hawaii, on days that I am feeling great my husband has talked me on drives by the ocean. While we aren’t dealing with snow, it has been very cold by my standards.

I have reached the 3 week mark! I had a follow up 2 weeks after I was released from the hospital and my doctors were happy with my health then. I will be seeing my neurologist and neurosurgeon next week when I hit the 4 week mark to see how I am progressing, do a couple of tests since I have been having issues with spelling, and what they’ll do in future visits. My home is that I can get off the anti seizure medication, I am keeping my fingers crossed.


You’re still very early. If they keep you on the anti seizure meds, don’t take it as a bad thing. You’ll have ups and downs so expect some days or weeks to go the wrong way, too. Keep working at it and you’ll get to a good place but don’t let the pace of it put you off.

We’ve got 41°F here so I’m hoping you’re doing better than me that way. We got to 57° last week which was gorgeous.

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