10-30-10 Post MRI,


My semi-annual MRI was performed on 10-29-10. Now,... I have a follow up appointment with my neurosurgeon on 11-03-10, to obtain the results of the prior HC (high contrast) MRI.

I would like to ask for any input/suggestions/advice on what questions to ask my neurosurgeon. I will also request my digital file on my AVM.

In other words,...

Current size of AVM ?

Any change in status of AVM?

Condition of AVM?

I know what my treatment options are, (embolizations, invasive surgical procedures/crainiotomy, etc,..etc,...) should I go that route. But I would like to know more about "Cyber-Knife",..."Proton treatments",... and other surgical non-invasive procedures. Yes I have researched,...but input from fellow AVM survivors would be a great benefit,...with both pros and cons, after effects and recovery times.(ie) the good,..the bad,..and the ugly. (no offense to Clint Eastwood,...lol)

So,...to all my AVM Survivor friends,....your help please.

My sincere thanks in advance,....


Hi William

Good luck! My half-annual mri checkup is on 8 Nov, coming soon too, I have requested for a 3 tesla MRI(higher resolution) and request my doctor to confirm if the AVM is high-flow(higher risk of bleeding) or low-flow.

All the very best for Wednesday my friend…I’ll be with you in spirit as I won’t be able to get to your place in time I’m afraid!! Thoughts and prayers with you as always, your friend, Lesley.xx

William: Thing to ask about is; size, feeders, location, venous drainage or if there is any associated anurysms, before deciding whether to go for photon or proton treatment, that is, if you have a choice? You can read more about the difference between photon vs proton in the discussion http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topics/photons-vs-protons-whats-the

Wishing you good luck in your follow up appointment :slight_smile:
Hanne xxx

William, how did it go? Is embolization an option for you? I can certainly comment on that! Anxious to hear what you learned.