1 year since my stroke

On this day exactly 1 year ago, an AVM near my brain stem that I had no idea existed, ruptured causing me to suffer a severe hemorrhagic stroke. It has turned my life completely upside down and has forced me to live a “new normal” life, which I’m still working on. It could rupture again at any given moment which is scary, to say the least. On this day, it makes me think how I am forever humbled by this thing called life, and now realize just how precious and fragile it is. Even though I have suffered chronic migraines and head pain everyday since the hemorrhage, I’m so very grateful to wake up every morning. I cannot thank my family and friends enough for being there during the better days, but most importantly, for being there for the not so great ones. I still don’t know what I would do without my parents who have supported me not only mentally and through my pain, but financially. Also so appreciative to my boss who has been saving a job for me for a year now. Like who does that?! I have been fighting everyday to get back there and get my life back. It has been a long road of recovery coping with a brain injury, one that I’m sure is not over yet… But make no mistake, I will continue to fight, because I am a warrior and an AVM survivor.


Glad you living life and breathing today! Life is precious. This road having an AVM is a struggle, but we are strong!

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Jeannine, well said and inspirational to see your determination and courage, thank you. Take care and battle on!

Jeannine, you’re an inspiration & a fighting spirit. I have remnants of my AVM in my brain & they have their own way of letting me know they are still with me. But, as long as I can wake up in the morning, it’s gonna be a great day. This is what’s kept me going since the beginning for me. It’s going on 24 years since mine burst. I’m not “happy” having an AVM, but it is showing me a different path every day, I choose to accept that different path.
Wishing you & your family the Best Of Fortune.!

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Glad to hear you have a positive outlook. i had 4cm AVM near my brainstem clipped on Aug 5 2015. I understand how your life has been affected.


Good luck. They’re always answers out there. Your boss sounds awesome.

Good luck.


You posted this awhile ago, so I hope you are continuing to do well. I read this entry and I am in complete understanding. My AVM burst 7 years ago now. I never had the headaches that you are experiencing, but the phrase “new normal” is very much how I would describe the aftermath. I continued improving well past the one year mark. A doctor once stated that after one year, I would probably not improve much beyond where I was at the year anniversary mark. I’m glad to say that he was wrong, and improvement kept happening. He wasn’t being mean, just cautioning me about what may happen. I hope you continue to improve as the event becomes more distant.