1 Year Post Surgery MRI Test Tomorrow Morning!

Today is my 1 year anniversary from the date i was operated on to have my AVM removed. CT scans & Angio after surgery revealed the AVM had been removed completly.

Tomorrow morning i have my 1 year MRI check to see if any AVM/s have returned etc and make sure all is ok...worst part about it is i really really really really hate the MRI test & wont get my results until my neuro meets with me Monday....

I hope all is ok and i will raise the MRI vs Angio debate to my Neuro but all i look for is the 'OK go live your life now we dont need to see you anymore' comment from my neuro.

Please shed some prayers my way AVM family....God bless you all this place will always have a place in my heart as long as im here on this earth no matter what.

I am NOT alone -

Congrats on your 1 year post-op! You are in my prayers. Hope all goes well.

Congrats and Good Luck Adrian and let us know how you get on. hope all goes well!

Good luck and we'll all do a dance when we hear the "all clear" from you!

Congratulations on making the 1 year mark. Keep going strong!

Got the MRI finally done with contrast also....now its all about waiting on results for Monday when i see me neuro...looked at the scans but have no idea what im looking at....will keep you guys posted & God bless

I’m wishing for good news for you.

Congratulations Adrian!! Good luck and I look forward to getting your good news!!

Praying all goes well and you receive nothing but good news

Prayers heading your way. My daughters 6 month follow up MRI/mra was last Saturday. We are waiting or the neurosurgeon to get back from vacation to hear. Hope Monday is a great day for all of us!

God bless you all for the support...its greatly appreciated

Good luck with the results Adrian. I expect you have done well, as it appears you are back to work in a big way. The MRI is only happening, to confirm your good health and recovery. Let us know how it all transpires.

Will do buddy....9:30am its off to St George Private for the long awaited results...God bless