1 year Happy new birthday Becca!

Last year on Easter morning my wife suffered a major brain hemorrhage.
She was flown to Spokane Sacred heart and then on to Seattle Harborview for treatment that saved her life. It has been a long struggle for her and all of us on a daily basis ever since then and continues to be challenging every day. Becca has a great deal of courage and fights the good fight to deal with pain, disability and speech but she is still very smart, caring and has a strong will to live! I have high hopes for her recovery and know that patience will prevail in the end.There must be a reason that she is still here and we feel blessed to still have her even if she is hard to deal with sometimes! Becca I love you and hope you have an awesome Easter with us this year and stay out of the hospital! We learned that her recent headaches are caused by swelling in her brain and she will be on new medication to combat this. Her Dr. said this is not unexpected and is a delayed result from the gamma knife surgery she had in July the good news is that her AVM is continuing to shrink and should go away some day completely and forever. Please keep Becca in your thoughts as she fights this uphill battle!