1 year AVM-free!

On 25 August 2016 I had surgery to resect my AVM and everything has been great since that day. I stayed for two weeks at the hospital and five months more to return to work. I had two MRI since that day and they went perfect, all my AVM is gone. I did not have any significant neuro-deficit and I am very happy because I feel my energy is finally back. On the other hand, I could not return to play soccer or other contact sports, my neurosurgeon told me it was better not take that risk.


¡Feliz aniversario, David!

It’s great to know you’re still doing really well! All my wishes for a fantastic year to come!


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Congratulations David. My 1 year AVM (rupture) anniversary is in a few days as well on September 3rd!!! I that means we are exactly at the same recovery time so I understand how you feel completely.


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Thank you Kitty! Congratulations for your anniversary too! Hope everything is going ok for you too :slight_smile: