1 Year AVM bleed........celebrate?

Today was my 1 year anniversary to the day i first had my bleed, which in turn required me to have surgery.

Its been a very tough year and still is tough...was i suppose to dwell on things or celebrate?

Well i decided to go out to dinner with my wife and celebrate today and treat it like another day. A day where i could of almost died i have 1 year later embraced as a date i will never forget for the rest of my life.

Everyday iam thankful to God for what i have and i just wanted to share my positive energy for those here who need it cause lord knows i need strength from time to time.

Next month i get my first check up MRI & if i said i wasnt scared...i would be lying!

I try to stay positive even though the headaches from surgery come from time to time..the lumps on my head change monthly but i can breathe and be with my family.

God bless you guys and all of the people here who may be on the same path.

not just to celebrate; I was a huge Lance Armstrong fan before my bleed, and now an even bigger fan! Lance refers to the anniversary of his cancer diagnosis as Carpe Diem Day! Well, he went on to win another Tour or two after his brain surgery! Well, we can't all be such over-achievers... but, I think you get my point! Seize the day, my avm friend!

I always celebrate on the anniversary of my bleed. It may be weird to others who've not experienced a close call like us, but I find it almost essential! I usually will have a nice dinner with my family and then maybe go out for a drink with friends. I just celebrate the fact that I am still alive to be a mother and wife and friend. I reflect on how far I've come since that day. So celebrate...always!!

Adrian...I also celebrate the anniversary...My celebration is sending the doctor who saved my life the day after Christmas with a Christmas gift of candy to thank him!

CELEBRATE!!! This song is for you and your wife…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXI6CdTVJ-0&feature=youtube_gdata_player
You survived!!!

Oh and since we have many members too young to remember 3 Dog Night...be sure and listen to the end of the song!

Congratulations on making it through the first year! We celebrate "brainiversary" over here, too :).

One year isn't even long enough to fully recover from KNEE surgery...brain surgery is just a LITTLE more complex, right? So you have a lot of time and room for more progress and healing!

I feel blessed there are so many positive fighters here who celebrate this....God bless you ALL

Congratulations to you! I think we go to hospital on the same day, February 27, but I am having an angiogram. I will be thinking and praying for you. God bless.

Yes i am going on the 24th for my MRI & the 27th to my Neuro for the results.....i will pray for you also Wendy...

I hope you had a great day yesterday! It is a huge reason to celebrate!

CELEBRATE and Happy Anniversary Adrian - I am so happy that you are with us!!! My one year anniversary is coming up next week (Feb 10th) and, like you, while it has been a tough year, the many blessings that have come into my life as a result of this would have never surfaced and for that I am so very grateful!!!

Sending prayers and positive energy your way for your first check up and MRI appointment!


Yeah i did have a good day & your right i was right in celebrating...thanks

Thanks Michele i appreciate the positive energy and wish you all the best for your one year...God bless