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1 year anniversary - Brain haemorrhage and stroke - 20th July 2019


A few days ago I wrote a blog post about my brain haemorrhage and stroke last year. I am hoping it it helps someone who may be in a similar situation. I had moments when my recovery plateaued and I thought I would never get back to near normality. Also there is a video on there about an angiogram if anyone wants to know about that.

It is a long read. I like to type and it’s a long story about what happened. Ahhh. There is a podcast of it if anyone has difficulty with reading long passages.

I have an arteriovenous malformation that burst first time in 2007. The bleed last year in the most part entered the cavity from the first but it led to the disruption of blood and resulted in double vision and balance and coordination issues.

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There’s a lot there to read, so I’ve not read all of it yet but it looks like a great share. It’s really good to know you did get to go to Pride! Well done! Setting targets is a really good motivation.

@Anne is interested in blogs, so might take an especial interest.

Great share! Very best wishes for your continued recovery!


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