1 year ago

who knew that this time last year would be what it was? I am so grateful to God for bringing me through that horrifying time in my
life…to all of you who prayed and fb prayed and visited me and sent
out words of strength-thank you, I wouldn’t be here typing this message Karen Scott- Johnson if you didn’t get on that train everyday to come see me, Shaderi Hopson if you didn’t take a journey for me, Hunnie Bunnie if you didn’t put your life aside, Jessica Foster if you didn’t have my back, Chasity Wilson the day you came made a world of difference, @fcc, thank you for all of your support, Faith Thomas, Renee Green, whoever I missed…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am so glad I found this site also, people who understand me and what I have been through, thank you al so much

Happy one year post the horror! Such a nice post filled with the thanks we often forget to pass along to those people who really are the reasons that we make it through the tough times.
Have a great day and keep feeling thankful :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary!!! Being 1 all over again is so awesome!!!