1 week until surgery venting

One week away from surgery and I can tell im nervous now. Its hard to controll my emotions. I really am on edge because there are so many things to do before cleaning, bills, shoping and post op stuff. Everyone in my family says they will help out but now one has done a thing. leaving the stress on me. They tell me that its not going to be that bad and everything will be ok. They arent educated on the surgery or even the condition. I have tried to talk about it but the subject is changed.Im not sure if they are scared or just ignoring it. Sometimes they make me feel like im just being dramatic.This isnt like some simple surgery. They are messing with your most vital organ!! Please give the brain some respect people!! I really am doing it on my own and thats okay. I'm not afraid. I know im strong and i know i can handle it. i wont hold it against them. I will be there for them when they need me for the difficult times in their lives just wish they would do the same. I know the Surgeon will be brillant and do a fabulous job. I know im going to be anxious for the next week but on that day i will be brave. Im greatful that i have an option and good odds.
Before i kept asking myself why me? what did i do? why cant i be "normal"? well let me tell you, Besides the fact that i was born with this. Its just part of life. Im not angry or feel that its life is unfair. Everybody on this earth goes through hardtimes at some point. Mine just happens to be when im 24 and thats okay. You live through it and become stronger. Then you ready for the next obstacle.You truly find who you really are."my normal life" really sucked until i learned to live. My CCM has taught me how to live. Enjoy each day,chase your dreams, dont sweat the small stuff because later it doesn't matter. After this surgery things will be different. I will be a new person with a new life to start living.

Carpe Diem! Sending even more positive thoughts your way!

You've got such a great attitude. That's very admirable for someone so young. I think your family's reaction is common. Perhaps for them denial is bliss? You could yell "Hello...I'm having BRAIN surgery" but I don't really think it would help. Telling them exactly what you need may be helpful. And really, don't freak out about the cleaning. In the grand scheme of things a little dust on the table doesn't matter! Best wishes to you!

The very best of luck with your surgery next week, its great that you have such good odds and I can tell you're a fighter. I know where you're coming from with the family stuff, my recent mri showed a large aneurysm,which is reletively new but its like they are used to me and my head. I look forward to hearing how you get on. take care x

My family downplays it too. I haven’t decided on surgery or anything yet but I totally relate to "they make me feel like I'm just being dramatic." Thanks for sharing that... I thought it was just me and my family. Honestly though, I think family members are just scared and its easier for them to say, "everything is going to be ok" because they can’t imagine it otherwise. My family seems to be living in partial denial about it all, my mother especially. I will keep you in my prayers, please update when you feel up to it.

Thanks everybody for the encouragement!! I'm getting down to the wire here. Im ready for the road ahead should be anything but boring!