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1 day post surgery!


I did it!!!

Sitting here feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. Morphine doesn’t seem to be helping- if anyone knows of a better drug please advise me…

My surgery was 8 hours an apparently has gone vert well…
All 4 of my limbs work, an no deficits as i can tell so far :smiley:

Thank you for all your kind comments

Hopefully i am AVM free!! Southampton have been brilliant…


Craniotomy on 22nd march in Southampton UK!

Natalie, this is great news! :smiley:

I hope you soon feel a lot more comfortable and recover well.
Southampton was my home town - so glad you have been well-served there!

All the very best to you,

Christina from Moderator Support


Great news Natalie! It sounds like everything is going really well, I imagine the pain will start to diminish as the healing continues. Thanks for the update, take care and take it easy! John.


Brilliant news! :smiley:

Glad every thing has gone very well and your being well looked after, as for pain releif - I had a similar issue with morphine, but codeine worked well for me - maybe ask if you could try that?

Hope the pain subsides soon,

Take care and lots of rest!

Big hugs :hugs:



That’s awesome! Congrats on the successful surgery! I would suggest talking with the Doc regarding painkillers because I know they have others. I’m allergic to morphine and they’ve pushed a number of them at me. As always ask questions of the treatment staff because they have the training and knowledge of the various treatment options for you! Again, congrats on the surgery!


Grateful surgery went well for you. Continued prayers for a good recovery.


Fantastic news Natalie, glad everything went well. I was given co-codomol and oramorph which I think is the same as morphine, I didn’t like that, made me sick so I went with just the Co- Codomol, the pain will start to ease soon. within 2 weeks I was totally of pain relief. Get plenty of rest!!! Take care Amanda xx


I knew you could do it! Well done! It’s great to hear from you and very kind of you tell us so soon. I hope you take it easy and get nicely well before you do too much.

I thought the oramorph was pretty good, myself but the others have given great advice.

WELL DONE! :hugs::birthday::cake::icecream::clinking_glasses::beers::cocktail::tropical_drink:



WELL DONE. Congratulations. That is amazing news. You did it.
I hope you recover well and fast. Second Chance at life, enjoy it.x


Amen!!! Stay strong and let your body do it’s thing and get you ready for your babies.
Prayers, Lisa


This is fantastic news & im so happy for you and your family… God bless!


Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you :slight_smile: Give it time, you will do great :slight_smile:



Still thinking about you and hope you’re still doing well. One day post op, you’re full of drugs and it can feel rougher a few days later if you’re on fewer drugs. So if you’re feeling less well, hang in there: it will get better.

Hoping all the best for you,



great result Natalie. I remember, I had double vision for a short time, and yes i was knocked for 6 for a while, but recovery should be quick. You havent said anything about losing vision, so it sounds like a very good result so far.


Great Natalia Congratulations!!!

Me too free from AVM



Well done Natalie! 1 day post op and you’re doing well. Really glad to hear that.

I don’t recall anything from mine for the first 10-12 days!!!

The pain will subside. Take it in your stride. Please do ask if you want to know anything. Mine was in May 2015.



Glad to hear that you operation went great. The pain will pass and you know that AVM is gone.



Another week has passed. I’m hoping you’re doing ok. Still thinking about you and hoping you’re getting better. I can imagine day 1 post op can feel good but the later days become more difficult for a while.

Keep going.

Lots of love,



Bless you all … thank you for your kind words!!

I am doing great- headache has eased off a bit now wahooo!! Thinking of going out with the children tomorrow somewhere local for the 1st time :slight_smile:

An look in awake at 1am wow!!

I hope with each week that passes I get better an better …

I don’t think I want my angio at 3 months though… … nooooo thank you!!! My surgeon did say I can habe an MRI instead although it’s not as accurate- i think i may do that xxxxx


Good to hear Natalie, sounds like things are progressing really well> . Take Care, John.