1 day post op

A multi-purpose procedure. I had a weight put in my eyelid (to help with blinking), fascia harvested from my left thigh and placed under my eyelid, to raise my lower eyelid and improve the look, they halved the graft i had on my cheek, and lifted my face (and skin)…and probably most importantly they slung the right side of my mouth up, permanently, using the fascia, to get rid of the constant droop i had been left with, due to nerve damamge. Just waiting for swelling to subside…from whati can telll its gonna look awesome.
Thank you Dr. Waner, Dr. O, Dr. Fay and Dr. Chung, who all worked on me…along with their great staff and the anesthesia team.

It sounds like they accomplished a lot with this latest round of surgery, Keith. Feel better soon!

Wow! Fantastic, especially after only 1 day! Thank you for updating us on your surgery. I am loving your smile! I hope you feel great. Can't wait to see your picture after all is healed. Your story is so inspirational to those of us just starting on this path.

Brilliant Keith !! Well done ! you are an inspiration to us all

George x

Hi Keith, Glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope by now you are feeling much better. Thank you for sharing your progress, you are such an inspiration. Take care. Michelle :-)