1/2 Marathon AVM Awareness

What you see in this picture is me finishing the 13 miles my arm is holding Tryston's up in the air, he is hidden but you can see his jeans. OK, thought I would give a quick update... My AVM Team survived the Marathon we had around 40 people participating wether the ran/walked/supported the Marathon. We all survived!!!!!!!! Everyone who committed to walk the marathon ended up running it (with no training). We all ended up running at least 7-8 Miles out of 13... Yippeee. We had so many people asking us what AVM was while we were doing the event it was awsome. We also made the news and Tryston Represented all the AVM survivors awsomely. I will have pictures to post as I got them together..Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of all of us at once. Tryston even crossed the finish line with me with his arms up in a champion style. I'm so proud of him. He kept me going, I kept telling myself that he has been through worse I can do this for him (next time I think I might need to train though) we are all sore and walking like stiff card board that is 90 years old but we made it.

Next year will do our own event and maybe the marathon again. Look for pictures soon.

well done to everyone!

you have all done such a woderful job…i think you are all amazing a big from me too all xxxx

What a wonderful turn out you had for this event! Love the bright T’s…made it easy to find you guys in the crowd in the pics. And 7-8 miles! I’m impressed. I only walked the 1 mile yesterday, but would have done the 5k had the weather been just a little nicer. I’m a wimp when it comes to cold!
Congratulations on organizing your walkers and on such a successful event!

wow I am impressed as well, congrats to you all, you should be very proud of yourselves!

Very impressive! That’s a great idea. Perhaps in other cities we can organize teams of members, friends, and relatives to run 5 or 10Ks.

I’m totally loving that idea Ben! Since I’m not the “athletic” type of girl (I’m more of a chocolate kinda girl) I don’t actually know “when” all of these types of races start happening. Summer??? Michelle- how did you know about the run? There has to be one website somewhere (for the runner addict types) where it lists all the runs by region or something. Who wants to find it??? :slight_smile:

the marathons are usually spring thru fall but they happen all year around this happens to be a big marathon in Lincoln NE ( my home town) there were 6,500 runners in this so our shirts got noticed!!! you don’t have to run you can also walk. Any contribution helps even if you were your flashy shirts to be a spectator on the sides to cheer people on. My family got just as noticed by standing on the side of the road cheering me and the team on as I did. As i said I had alote of people (during my walking) want to know all about it!!! we can do anything to get ourselves heard Was thinking Charity Action anyone, action our lawn mowing house cleaning garage sales anything!!! put AVM on it and get all our friends involved. I’m so motivated now I will be doing a 10K in June, and will be having even more people joining. I have shirts, sweat shirts, and I HAVE JEWELRY coming that I will post as a friend is designing them now and will be opening a website for all to order!!! I just wish my wedding wasn’t getting in the way of all I want to do…I’m on a roll

Ha. I guess you can’t postpone your wedding. :slight_smile:

I created a suggestion box for this kind of stuff. Hmmm…I think we need to have a place to list different runs/walks and pick a few we’d like to be involved with. Then we can rally folks to participate and spread the word. Thoughts?

That would be nice to be able to rally but I know as you do we all have so many medical bills that Rallying may not be easiest for all to do, but we could try. Even if we just get our people out their with their friends and family to do events for the cause it makes an impact.

Not many people know what an AVM is (I didn’t), unless you watched Six Feet Under or had a friend with a diagnosed AVM. Usually when I tell someone, they look at me like I’m nuts and I have to explain what an AVM is to them (never telling them the risks). I agree with alot of what I’m reading and events like this should be staged all around. Iwould definetly participate.

Great, let’s keep this conversation going. Great ideas!

Found a couple websites…


active.com which is the organizer that TAAF used for the AVM walk. You can search by your area, by length, by type…

At this point I’m thinking it doesn’t even have to be a run/walk. What types of events do YOU like to do? Kayaking, hiking, dirt bike racing, golfing? We just need to find events that allow “teams” to join and then spread AVM awareness!