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0ne year post gamma knife


Our son Cody has celebrated his one year mark post GK and has had no deficits or no improvement will have another MRI in 6 mo. Still seeking info on all aspects of recovery.



Great to hear no deficits and now things should start to happen in respect to the gamma starting to do its thing. It s a slow process for sure and takes a lot of patience. I was 27 months until it did its thing, and my AVM was very small. You and Cody stay strong! Take Care, John.


Hi Ron,

Its good news to hear everything is going in the right direction with regards to you Son Cody, hope he’s back to himself very soon.

Hi John,

Hope you are back up there and 100%, Just wondered if you could maybe give a little advice, Im 44yrs and had Gamma Knife surgery 13mths ago, I seem to be having more seizures now than the previous 12mth and I just wondered if you remember this being the same for yourself around this time and do the start easing off as it heals. Nigel


Hi Nigel and welcome! I was fortunate and didn’t have any seizures, even with the bleed. At about 6 months or so I had some swelling and a little more discomfort but not to the point of requiring medication and that continued off and on for quite a while. I also had “ice pick” headaches, that was fleeting fairly intense pain that lasted for a very short duration. This has now disappeared, and don’t even know when, just less frequent and I haven’t had one in a while. I would talk with your dr on it for sure, it’s possible that swelling is involved as gamma does it thing. Great you;re here with us! Take Care, John.


Thanks for the welcome and also the information that you have given to me, I’m glad the “Ice pick” headaches seem to have disappeared for yourself.

There is loads of great advice on the here for me to take a look at.

Cheers, Nigel

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