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Gastro AVM Cerebellum & Brainstem I’ve created this space with a view to us collating information about AVMs in the cerebellum, brainstem, pons and any other deeper-brain AVMs, as often these are referred to by doctors as untreatable but where I feel I’ve seen information that some of our members <em>have</em> had successful interventions. Facial AVM Pelvic & Uterine AVM Please use this group to share experiences, concerns, good news etc. regarding AVMS in the pelvis or uterus. I hope that by creating this group, it will help especially women affected to share concerns or give encouragement. Pulmonary AVM, Heart AVMs & HHT Group for discussion on pulmonary AVMS, also heart and HHT (hereditary haemorrhagic telangiaectasia) as these seem interrelated. AVM in Extremities Use the AVM in Extremities category for AVMs in arms, legs, wrist, ankle, hand, foot. Spinal AVM This category is for people with a spinal AVM to collaborate, share stories, find related stories.
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