Types of Avm's

Gastro AVM Cerebellum & Brainstem I’ve created this space with a view to us collating information about AVMs in the cerebellum, brainstem, pons and any other deeper-brain AVMs, as often these are referred to by doctors as untreatable but where I feel I’ve seen information that some of our members <em>have</em> had successful interventions. Facial AVM AVM in Extremities Use the AVM in Extremities category for AVMs in arms, legs, wrist, ankle, hand, foot. Pulmonary AVM, Heart AVMs & HHT Group for discussion on pulmonary AVMS, also heart and HHT (hereditary haemorrhagic telangiaectasia) as these seem interrelated. Pelvic & Uterine AVM Please use this group to share experiences, concerns, good news etc. regarding AVMS in the pelvis or uterus. I hope that by creating this group, it will help especially women affected to share concerns or give encouragement. Spinal AVM This category is for people with a spinal AVM to collaborate, share stories, find related stories.
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