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    142 members Latest Activity: Nov 13

    A forum to discuss the challenges that pregnant AVM members face.  Personal stories, discussions, posting baby pictures, ideas and…


    187 members Latest Activity: Nov 13

    Group that focuses on AVM awareness , To build an informative group to help UK & Ireland AVMers and their families find the best Answers to…

  • CM-AVM

    19 members Latest Activity: Oct 30

    Started a group because my son was recently diagnosed with CM-AVM. Please join so we can share stories, treatment options, and support.

  • Facial (or Head/Neck) AVMs

    99 members Latest Activity: Nov 19

    For anyone who has a facial, head, or neck avm or wants to learn more about them.

  • South Africa

    29 members Latest Activity: Sep 28

    SA AVM's, please join the group.

  • Mindfulness/Relaxation Techniques

    13 members Latest Activity: Nov 22

    This group is for discussing and sharing mindfulness, breathing, or relaxation techniques helpful for coping with AVM stressors and chronic…

  • Mid-West AVMers

    133 members Latest Activity: Nov 4

    This group is for all of us in the Mid-West.

  • Cavernous Malformation Support Network

    86 members Latest Activity: Nov 20

    Hello, My name is Patti and if you are visiting this website, we share a common bond...the fears, sadness, uncertainty and many emotions of having…

  • Occipital AVM

    69 members Latest Activity: Nov 11

    This group welcomes individuals with Occipital Lobe AVM's and relatives, friends, and caregivers, to share stories and support each other.

  • AVM Presenting with Trigeminal Neuralgia

    6 members Latest Activity: Oct 10, 2014

    For those who have been diagnosed with AVM and trigeminal neuralgia to discuss treatment options and to get support

  • Frontal Lobe AVMs

    82 members Latest Activity: Nov 10

    For those of us with avms in the frontal lobe

  • PETS

    39 members Latest Activity: Sep 24

    "Pets enrich our lives!" said one AVM Survivor.

    From the scaly ones to the furry ones, that goldfish in a bowl to a majestic…

  • Sleep / Take Nap Group

    22 members Latest Activity: Nov 20

    This group is somewhere to go when we are exhausted and can't do anything except shut down and sleep! Drop in before you fall asleep and say…

  • Spinal AVM or AVF

    120 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Support group for those suffering from, or dealing with the symptoms after, a spinal AVF.

  • Southeast AVM Survivors

    158 members Latest Activity: Oct 20

    This group is for AVM Survivor members who live in the Southeast ... for sharing, support and occassional get-togethers.

  • Extremity and Other Non-Brain AVMs

    616 members Latest Activity: Nov 22

    For those of us with AVM's outside the brain. Facial, Spinal, Lungs, Arms, Legs...wherever!

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please help me my frends

Posted by Tomas on November 24, 2015 at 10:56pm 2 Comments

I have a few questions:
How do you feel awakened after head surgery
or severe pain after surgery?
thank you people!
Regards Zanas

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