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What are Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)?

Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are defects of the circulatory system that are generally believed to arise during embryonic or fetal development or soon after birth. Although AVMs can develop in many different sites, those located in the brain or spinal cord can have especially widespread effects on the body.


Scared of seizures

Started by chrisf in General. Last reply by Josh 1 hour ago. 9 Replies

Hallo everyone. I am new here and am still learning about my condition. I have what is called a posterior frontal AVM which was diagnosed 8 months ago (I am 49) after I had a seizure which was the scariest and most painful thing I have ever…Continue

Life after surgery?

Started by Bearcat in General. Last reply by Dapotsil 2 hours ago. 59 Replies

I have been wondering this, and I'm not trying to be rude, have any of yall had AVMs as a teen or in your early 20s and started a normal life after that? If so what did yall do? Because I'm 17 and don't know what's going to happen to me. I don't…Continue

Anyone know an AVM specialist in London?

Started by Annabelle's Mom in General. Last reply by Annabelle's Mom 7 hours ago. 4 Replies

We will be traveling to London soon with my thirteen year old daughter who has a disappearing AVM (thanks to Proton beam and embolization). This is our first trip to London since her bleed and the discovery of her AVM. I would like the name of a…Continue

a new avm or symptoms after several years

Started by Monica in General. Last reply by Josh 7 hours ago. 4 Replies

Hi everyone. I am 4 years post op. I'm wondering if any of you still having symptoms from youre avm. When I'm stressed my speech stop working or I sound like I'm drunk. Sometimes my right side get paralysed for a while. Thees are the symptoms I had…Continue

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Latest Activity

Annabelle's Mom commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"My daughter, now 13, had proton beam at MGH when she was 11. She lost small patches of hair where…"
1 hour ago
Josh replied to chrisf's discussion Scared of seizures
"Hello. I had am avm of the occipital lobe treated, and overt the years have had many gran mal…"
1 hour ago
LiveHappy replied to chrisf's discussion Scared of seizures
"After reading another of your posts, Chrisf, you're very detailed. Did the smashed up feeling…"
2 hours ago

dreyx2000 commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"Hey there! I had Gamma Knife radiosurgery for my partietal/temporal AVM. 1. My experience: Went to…"
2 hours ago
Louisa commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"I had Proton Beam Radiation at MGH as well. A dear AVM Survivor friend of mine created this several…"
2 hours ago
LiveHappy replied to chrisf's discussion Scared of seizures
"is diet important? (Diet is very important for everyone!) 2. Is exercise ok? Like jogging, cycling?…"
2 hours ago
Linda s. Sutton commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"I have had it 3 times so far the last was on the stem of my brain. Today I was told it's all…"
2 hours ago
Susan commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"I forgot to mention that through the last 30 years, everything that came to light and was a little…"
2 hours ago
Michelle commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"I had an AVM treated by gamma knife surgery which is above my left eye. I had a frame fitted to my…"
2 hours ago
LiveHappy commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"Greetings, concerned parent. It was like a surprise trip on a roller coaster with my spouse's…"
2 hours ago
Melissa Joyce Lott Conner commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"I had LINAC radiation. I had the halo first go around. Had 2 sessions as mine was pretty big.…"
2 hours ago
Lisa (Mollie's mum) commented on concerned parent's blog post Gamma Knift/ Proton Beam
"Hi there my daughter had gamma knife 18 months ago, because of her age (16) they thought it best to…"
2 hours ago

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Life after surgery?

Posted by Bearcat on December 17, 2014

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brain avm open surgery

Posted by jg200 on December 15, 2014

3 Scared of seizures

Scared of seizures

Posted by chrisf on December 19, 2014

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Waiting for seizures..

Posted by Jessica on December 18, 2014

5 new treatment for cerebral edema from radionecrosis

new treatment for cerebral edema from radionecrosis

Posted by Josh on December 15, 2014


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